Show us your Post-Quarantine Campsite!!



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    Great pic!   Almost looks like a staged photo shoot with that ballon.  Very nice.
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    @ADRawli there were 10-15 balloons up at the same time. Most were moving higher but this one was going sideways right in front of us. The people in the bucket were saying “Good Morning!”. It was awesome 
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    Last week we joined our cousins at Julian Price National Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC for the 3rd annual twin [email protected] reunion.  It was like a replay of the first time we tested our solar setup there a couple years ago, but with even better fall color..

    This was our site 11 on the E-loop, and their twin tab was nearby, just up the hill from ours..

    Here our cousins are standing near our solar panel - we were under trees, but with a 30' + 15' extension cable, we were able to catch the southern sky for most of the day to complete a full daily recharge cycle.  We were fortunate to arrive after two days of rain, which we believe allowed us to switch to these nicer sites with sun.

    The trees surrounding the nearby Price Lake were showing nice color too.  And of course there were the ever-present beautiful rhododendrons everywhere in the park.

    We also took a ride farther south to do the Linville falls hike where we had this nice view from a mountain overlook.  On the other side was Linville falls (the smaller of several cascades)..

    Another view of our site & the huge rhododendrons surrounding the campsites..

    It's times like these that we fully appreciate being able to swing our [email protected] around 90° in the parking space.  We kept our ARB fridge in the van running on [email protected] battery & solar to hold food supplies for 4 more days at other parks after this - more photos to follow.
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    @BrianZ - you are surrounded by so much beauty in Virginia!  
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    After a few days in the NC mountains, we headed northwest through Johnson City, TN & into the western Virginia leg of our trip, to complete our final 3 stays at all 23 of VA state parks offering RV campsites.

    Here at Lovers Leap campground in Natural Tunnel State Park, I encountered my most challenging back-in site yet.  It had a 75-ft curved driveway, which I didn't expect to give me as much trouble as it did, but maybe that's why it was the last one left when I made the reservation.  It was nice & level and very roomy, and a really lovely park with nice sites.  Even the dump station was well made with the right slope, an extra faucet for handwashing, and even an automatic no-touch Purell dispenser (haven't seen that before).

    It was just a 10 min walk from our campsite to this amazing overlook of the rock face at the entrance to the natural tunnel that was carved by a stream.  At the top left of the wall is an observation path from the main parking area/visitor center behind it.

    View from the other side atop that rock face where you can see the tunnel entrance.  To the right, at the top of the white rock column is the actual Lovers Leap from local native american folklore.  Above and left of that is the overlook from which the first photo was taken near the campground.

    From the deck at the visitor center, looking at the chair-lift operated on weekends for those who aren't willing or able to hike down the path at lower left & steps into the river gorge to see the tunnel.  

    We walked down & it wasn't too bad.  The pedestrian path at right crosses the stream and then the railroad track for a closer look at the tunnel entrance.

    It was impressive & worth seeing, but at this point we still had two more parks to visit.
    -Brian in Chester, Virginia
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    Beautiful photos, @COcamper, especially the first one with the low angle & crepuscular light.

    PS:  Your photos are too big - supposed to be 600x800 max on short x long sides.
    -Brian in Chester, Virginia
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    Hocking Hills KOA, nine days ago. Last trip of the year. We did manage eight adventures in 2020.

    @JP2558 - please resize your photos before posting - Sharon

    @Sharon_is_SAM - Oops - my bad. Let's try this again.

    Thanks, Jerry 
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    No site yet, heading to Disneys Fort Wilderness Halloween weekend.  Getting the [email protected] cleaned up and ready.

    Extra Storage
    Bucket light, and my version of a split backrest

    More storage

    Our kids got us this when we got our PUP.  Moved it into the [email protected]  That's our 2 granddaughters.

    Aldi table to replace the 200 pound original.  You can see my be extension mod.  There's an extra pad of foam behind the mattress.

    Need to find a use for every available space

    Motion sensor lights.  I used pairs of command hooks to hang them.  Have places on each side and the front.  Now if we walk up at night the lights will come on.

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    Today I drove 15 minutes to the Arkansas river to do my work via the internet from there. Just something different to break the Covid fatigue, but being safe about it.

    Photo removed due to size.  @JPRoland
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    We went to Clear Lake California, had a lake side spot with lots of room around us.

    This was the lake side spot, with a park like setting.


    And on our last evening, a nice sunset...
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